Townhouse of the Future – 2023 Competition

Townhouse of the Future – 2023 Competition

Highly Commended



We believe that the response with the most longevity will be one that can support a diverse demographic within a single development. Unlike many other areas of the city, where a single demographic dominates, we believe that the redevelopment of the terraces is an opportunity to create micro communities that can benefit each other and support each other. The new clusters of terraces will be a cross-section of the local community, offering bespoke architectural solutions for residents at all stages of life, sharing common areas and encouraging overlap between the ages.

The proposal converts nine of the terraced houses into eight units of residential accommodation, and one of the houses into a community café on the ground floor with a flexible community run space above. The architectural approach is one that is sensitive to the typology of the original building, keeping and restoring the front façade with its distinctive bays and repetition of openings. A key intervention includes the addition of a second floor of accommodation achieving much needed additional space. This extension utilises contemporary materials, yet adopts a massing consisting of pitched rooves that reflect the roofscape of the surrounding buildings. An extension to the rear of one of the units affords the café its operational space requirements and in turn activates the communal gardens.

Ultimately, the ambition of the project is to bring back the spirit of the terraced street – the close-knit community values – in a scaleable design that can help to transform these areas of the city region.

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  • Date : 2023
  • Location : Merseyside