Southdene Community Centre

Southdene Community Centre

The modern light timber clad extension to the community centre is designed to address the need for a versatile and functional hall space, accommodating various classes and activities. This contemporary addition blends seamlessly with the existing community centre while offering a fresh and inviting aesthetic. The extension features a predominantly timber and buff brick exterior, utilizing sustainable and lightweight materials that harmonize with the surrounding environment. The timber cladding not only provides a warm and natural appearance but also offers durability and insulation properties.

The design incorporates large windows and glass panels to maximize natural light intake, creating a bright and airy atmosphere within the multi-functional hall. This abundant natural light contributes to a welcoming and uplifting environment for community members to engage in various activities.

Inside the extension, the multi-functional hall is designed to be spacious and flexible. The open layout allows for easy configuration and adaptation to different types of classes, ensuring versatility in accommodating a range of activities, such as yoga, dance, art workshops, or community meetings. The hall can be easily divided into smaller sections if needed, offering separate spaces for simultaneous activities.

The interior design emphasizes a minimalist and contemporary aesthetic, with neutral tones and clean lines. The use of light-coloured timber for the walls, ceiling, and flooring creates a sense of warmth and continuity. Integrated sound and lighting systems are installed to ensure optimal conditions for different types of classes or events.

To enhance the functionality of the space, storage solutions are strategically integrated, providing ample room for equipment, supplies, and materials. Additionally, the extension includes accessible facilities, such as restrooms and an entrance ramp, ensuring inclusivity and accommodating individuals with mobility challenges.

Overall, the modern light timber clad extension to the community centre successfully addresses the need for additional space by providing a versatile and inviting multi-functional hall. This extension not only enhances the capacity of the centre but also contributes to the overall well-being and engagement of the community by offering a welcoming and flexible environment for a variety of classes and activities.


  • Date : 2023
  • Location : Merseyside
  • Budget : £500k